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Pure Pursuit

What distinguishes a Pursuit boat from everything else? Proven hulls matched to dependable Yamaha Outboards. Refined lamination techniques. Vacuum-infused stringer grids. Verified installations. Patented designs. More than anything, it’s a dedication to delivering an authentic, high quality product through all levels of development, ultimately providing endless hours of enjoyment to all who encounter it.




  • American made
    designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Refined engineering
    that leads to a timeless design, innovative features and manufacturing processes that consistently create quality boats.
  • Wide selection
    fourteen different boats across four categories (Offshore, Center Console, Dual Console, and Sport), ranging from 23- to 42-feet, powered by dependable Yamaha Outboards.
  • Quality that’s visible
    ultra-premium gelcoat that creates our legendary Pursuit finish, which is backed by our five-year hull blister warranty.
  • Transferable warranty
    five-year hull and deck structural warranty with a two-year component warranty, all of which are transferable to subsequent owners.
  • Solid laminate
    hull bottoms are reinforced with our resin-infused, fiberglass structural grid system that provides a finished surface inside the bilge area.
  • Custom-built wire harnesses
    Pursuit crafts them specifically for each model using UL-rated, fully tinned, color-coded copper wire with waterproof connectors and chafe protection. Battery cables are mechanically crimped, heat-sealed and color-coded.
  • Fuel system
    EPA-compliant, lined roto-molded polyethylene fuel tanks for maximum fuel capacity are designed to eliminate condensation and the effects of ethanol in the fuel. All gasoline feed lines from the fuel tank are fabricated by Pursuit, using pressed fittings, not hose clamps.
  • Comfort on board
    all of our upholstery and canvas components are fabricated and installed by our highly skilled technicians. Our drain-fast foam allows the cockpit seating and cushions to drain completely should they get wet. Sunbrella or Stamoid is available to help protect you and your boat from the weather.
  • Confidence
    every Pursuit boat undergoes multiple layers of quality checks before, during and after the build process to verify that all construction, components and systems are assembled, installed or functioning correctly as they were designed.



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