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Pursuit Dual Console Boat Series

The award-winning Dual Console Boat Series has been perfected by Pursuit. Stylish, comfortable and innovative features have been engineered to perfect your sport utility Dual Console Fishing Boat experience.

With lengths ranging from 24 ft. to 36 ft., the dual console boats - sometimes called a bowrider - most distinct feature includes a wide walkway path through the center of the boat with all the accommodations to the port and starboard side of the walkways. The large tempered glass wrap-around windshield with opening center glass and bow block-off door provides superior weather protection with climate control.

Known for versatility, Pursuit's family-friendly Dual Console Boat Series has a focus on social zones, and the layout allows for at least three main areas on the aft cockpit, bridge deck and bow area. Ride in comfort with the ability to accommodate more passengers. Larger models feature a cabin for overnight excursions and the head and resting areas are separated under the two consoles. Like all Pursuits, the Dual Console Boat Series is ready to fish with plenty of rod holders, livewells, fishboxes and tackle storage.

Whether you're looking for cruising, fishing or watersports, the multi-function Dual Console Boat Series is ideal for any experience on the water.










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