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S 408 - Breathe In
Yachting - by kevin Koenig

S 408
Boating by Jim Hendricks

S 408
Power and Motor Yacht by Jason Y. Wood

OS 355 - Boat Review

OS 355 - Boat Review
SaltWater Sportsman - by Dave Lear

OS 355 - In pursuit of innovation
Lakeland Boating - by Alan Wendt

OS 355
Florida Sportsman - by Jeff Weakley

OS 325 - A gentlemen's fishing boat
Lakeland Boating - by Alan Wendt

DC 235 - Boat Spotlight
Lakeland Boating - by Craig Ritchie

Press Releases

February 18, 2018

Pursuit Boats DC 365 Wins Innovation Award

Pursuit Boats continues to grow its award-winning Dual Console
product line. The Boating Writers International judging team,
in support of the NMMA, voted the all new DC 365 to be the most Innovative product in the Center Console/Walkaround Fishing Boats category during the 2018 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show. . .

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Press Releases 2018:
February - 2018
18th - Pursuit Boats DC 365 Wins Innovation Award j

Press Releases 2017:
May - 2017
1st - Pursuit Boats Begins Plant Expansion Project j

March - 2017
7th - Pursuit Boats Awarded for Customer Satisfaction by NMMA j

Press Releases 2016:
April - 2016
6th - Pursuit Boats Debuts S 408 and DC 295 j

March - 2016
18th - Pursuit Boats Expands Dealer Network with Legendary Marine j

Press Releases 2015:
October - 2015
15th - Pursuit Debuts OS 355 During Annual Dealer Meeting j

June - 2015
8th - S2 Yachts Partners with Atlass Insurance j

1st - Pursuit Boats Announces Product and Distribution Manager j

March - 2015
15th - Pursuit Boats Adds Alexander Marine of California To Dealer Network j

Press Releases 2012:
June - 2012
29th - Pursuit Announces Preliminary Specifications of New Sport Yacht j

April - 2012
19th - Pursuit Enters Sport Yacht Market j

February - 2012
16th - A Pink Boat, In Pursuit of The Cure j
16th - Pursuit’s All New C 260 Builds on a Tradition of Excellence j
16th - Leading the Way with the All New OS 385 from Pursuit j
16th - Pursuit’s All New ST 310 Receives Boat of the Year Award j

Press Releases 2011:
December - 2011
19th - Pursuit’s All New C 260 Builds on a Tradition of Excellence j

February - 2011
17th - Pursuit Debuts New ST 310 and New Inshore Series C 200 during Miami International Boat Show j
17th - Pursuit Debuts New ST 310 during Miami International Boat Show j
17th - Pursuit Debuts New Inshore Series C 200 during Miami International Boat Show j

January - 2011
26th - Pursuit Broadens Line with Introduction of Inshore Series j

Press Releases 2010:
June - 2010
27th - Pursuit raises the bar for dual console boats with NEW 26 j

Press Releases 2009:
July - 2009
30th - Pursuit Boats Welcomes The Lauderdale Marina To Dealer Network j

May - 2009
21th - Pursuit Boats Welcomes Bluewater Yacht Sales To Dealer Network j

April - 2009
20th - Pursuit and Tiara announces new head of international sales j

January - 2009
19th - Pursuit to unveil new S280 Sport at Miami Boat Show j

Press Releases 2008:
24th - Pursuit to unveil new OS 345 and C280 at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show j
21st - Pursuit holds first international dealers conference j

5th - Pursuit awards top dealers at annual dealer conference j

26th - Hudson's Outboard receives new Pursuit OS 375 Offshore j
15th - Pursuit hosts industry dealership certification launch workshop j
14th - NMMA Announces 2008 CSI Award Recipients j
1st - Pursuit Boats Holds Owners Rendezvous In Bahamas j

24th - Pursuit congratulates Flagship Dealer achievements j

24th - Pursuit Plans Debut of Eagerly Awaited 37’ Offshore Model j
Press Releases 2007:
12th - NMMA Recognizes Outstanding Customer Satisfaction at IBEX j

6th - Team Pursuit Takes 4th Place in Kingfish Tourney j

11th - Pursuit Boats Completes Rendezvous in Florida Keys j

31th - Marine Industry Pioneers Receive Accolade j
11th - Pursuit Prepares to Launch New 31’ Offshore Model j

24th - Pursuit Announces Owner’s Rendezvous in Florida Keys j

22nd - Pursuit Announces Record Sales at 2007 Miami Boat Show j
Press Releases 2006:
30th - Pursuit Announces Service Excellence Award Winners j
20th - NMMA Recognizes Outstanding Customer Satisfaction With CSI Awards j
19th - Pursuit 23’ Center Console to make Debut at New York Boat Show j

21th - Pursuit Boats and Yarmouth Boat Yard Join Forces in Maine j
9th - Pursuit Boats and Barrier Island Marine Join Forces in Charleston j

17th - Ron Burkdoll Appointed Director of Domestic Sales j
17th - Scot Taylor Joins Pursuit Boats As Regional Sales Manager j

28th - Pursuit Holds Highly Successful Dealer Meeting and VIP Event j
10th - Pursuit Debuts 23’ Denali at Dealer Conference j
10th - Pursuit Introduces Serious Fishing Machine at Dealer Conference j

10th - Mike Burlingham Joins Pursuit Boats As Vice President of Sales j

24th - Pursuit introduces new OS 285 j

25th - Pursuit to sponsor “TEAM PURSUIT” in the 2006 WAL-MART Kingfish tour j
17th - Pursuit automates production lines as part of continuing growth for the future j

8th - Pursuit wins gold at 2006 Addy Awards j

27th - Pursuit wins 2006 INNOVATION AWARD for DRUMMOND SPORTFISH j
Press Releases 2005:
7th - Pursuit Introduces much anticipated " 3480 DRUMMOND SPORTFISH" during Fort Lauderdale boat show j

31th - Pursuit receives 2005 NMMA CSI Award j
21st - Michele VonGerichten Named by Pursuit Boats as Marketing Communications Manager j
7th - Pursuit awards top dealers and provides “ A NEW VISION” at recent dealer conference j

18th - Pursuit Introduces 3480 DRUMMOND RUNNER and brings luxury to rugged denali series j

1st - Pursuit Boats Launches Fall Promotion j

20th - Pursuit Boats recently held its 8th Annual Pursuit Rendezvous and Sportfishing Tournament j

13th - Pursuit Wins Second Place World Record Releases From IGFA j

21st - Bruce Thompson joins Pursuit Boats as Vice President of Manufacturing j

14th - Pursuit Introduces New 2570 Offshore At 2005 Miami International Boat Show j
7th - Pursuit Boats Conducts 11th Annual Session of Pursuit Offshore University j
Press Releases 2004:
6th - Pursuit receives 2004 NNMA CSI Award j

12th - Pursuit Boats Celebrates 20 Years of Production j

17th - Pursuit Introduces Platinum Edition Denali j
17th - Pursuit Introduces New High Performance 3480 Center Console j

1st - Pursuit Boats Completes Seventh Annual Rendezvous Tournament j

12th - Pursuit Debuts New 2670 Center Console During Miami International Boat Show j
Press Releases 2003:
21th - Pursuit Receives 2003 CSI Award j
4th - "The Future is Now" greeted with enthusiasm at Pursuit Dealer Conference j

5th - Pursuit Introduces New 3370 Offshore During Annual Dealer Conference j

5th - New technology, new processes mark debut of new 3100 Offshore model j

21st - Pursuit Boats Celebrates 20 Years of Production j
Marketing Contact:

Please direct all press / media / marketing inquires

To: David Glenn Marketing Manager 772-460-4645

Boat Shows/Dealer Events

March - 2018

March 22nd - 25th
Palm Beach International Boat Show

Dealer Present: Ocean Blue Yacht Sales

March 22nd - 25th
The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show

Dealer Present: Legendary Marine

April - 2018

April 6th - 8th
Traverse City Boat Show

Dealer Present: Walstrom Marine

April 13th - 15th
Long Island Boat Show

Dealer Present: Strong's Marine

April 19th - 22nd
Newport Boat Show

Dealer Present: Alexander Marine USA

April 20th - 22nd
Suncoast Boat Show

Dealer Present: Quality Boats of Sarastoa

April 20th - 22nd
Charleston In-Water Boat Show

Dealer Present: Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales

April 27th - 29th
Bay Bridge Boat Show

Dealer Present: Grande Yachts International

April 27th - 29th
Catawba Island Boat Show

Dealer Present: South Shore Marine

April 27th - 29th
Boston South Shore In-Water Boat Show

Dealer Present: Bosun's Marine