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S 408 - Breathe In
Yachting - by kevin Koenig

S 408
Boating by Jim Hendricks

S 408
Power and Motor Yacht by Jason Y. Wood

OS 355 - Boat Review

OS 355 - Boat Review
SaltWater Sportsman - by Dave Lear

OS 355 - In pursuit of innovation
Lakeland Boating - by Alan Wendt

OS 355
Florida Sportsman - by Jeff Weakley

OS 325 - A gentlemen's fishing boat
Lakeland Boating - by Alan Wendt

DC 235 - Boat Spotlight
Lakeland Boating - by Craig Ritchie

Press Releases

MAY 1, 2017

Pursuit Boats Begins Plant Expansion Project

Construction is underway for a new building at the Pursuit Boats facilities in Fort Pierce, Florida. The expansion will enable Pursuit to increase production up to 50% in order to meet the growing market demands for Pursuit’s luxury line of sport fishing and cruising boats. The increased pace of new product introductions, like the S 328, has generated retail enthusiasm to levels that require more manufacturing space. . .

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Press Releases 2017:
May - 2017
1st - Pursuit Boats Begins Plant Expansion Project j

March - 2017
7th - Pursuit Boats Awarded for Customer Satisfaction by NMMA j

Press Releases 2016:
April - 2016
6th - Pursuit Boats Debuts S 408 and DC 295 j

March - 2016
18th - Pursuit Boats Expands Dealer Network with Legendary Marine j

Press Releases 2015:
October - 2015
15th - Pursuit Debuts OS 355 During Annual Dealer Meeting j

June - 2015
8th - S2 Yachts Partners with Atlass Insurance j

1st - Pursuit Boats Announces Product and Distribution Manager j

March - 2015
15th - Pursuit Boats Adds Alexander Marine of California To Dealer Network j

Press Releases 2012:
June - 2012
29th - Pursuit Announces Preliminary Specifications of New Sport Yacht j

April - 2012
19th - Pursuit Enters Sport Yacht Market j

February - 2012
16th - A Pink Boat, In Pursuit of The Cure j
16th - Pursuit’s All New C 260 Builds on a Tradition of Excellence j
16th - Leading the Way with the All New OS 385 from Pursuit j
16th - Pursuit’s All New ST 310 Receives Boat of the Year Award j

Press Releases 2011:
December - 2011
19th - Pursuit’s All New C 260 Builds on a Tradition of Excellence j

February - 2011
17th - Pursuit Debuts New ST 310 and New Inshore Series C 200 during Miami International Boat Show j
17th - Pursuit Debuts New ST 310 during Miami International Boat Show j
17th - Pursuit Debuts New Inshore Series C 200 during Miami International Boat Show j

January - 2011
26th - Pursuit Broadens Line with Introduction of Inshore Series j

Press Releases 2010:
June - 2010
27th - Pursuit raises the bar for dual console boats with NEW 26 j

Press Releases 2009:
July - 2009
30th - Pursuit Boats Welcomes The Lauderdale Marina To Dealer Network j

May - 2009
21th - Pursuit Boats Welcomes Bluewater Yacht Sales To Dealer Network j

April - 2009
20th - Pursuit and Tiara announces new head of international sales j

January - 2009
19th - Pursuit to unveil new S280 Sport at Miami Boat Show j

Press Releases 2008:
24th - Pursuit to unveil new OS 345 and C280 at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show j
21st - Pursuit holds first international dealers conference j

5th - Pursuit awards top dealers at annual dealer conference j

26th - Hudson's Outboard receives new Pursuit OS 375 Offshore j
15th - Pursuit hosts industry dealership certification launch workshop j
14th - NMMA Announces 2008 CSI Award Recipients j
1st - Pursuit Boats Holds Owners Rendezvous In Bahamas j

24th - Pursuit congratulates Flagship Dealer achievements j

24th - Pursuit Plans Debut of Eagerly Awaited 37’ Offshore Model j
Press Releases 2007:
12th - NMMA Recognizes Outstanding Customer Satisfaction at IBEX j

6th - Team Pursuit Takes 4th Place in Kingfish Tourney j

11th - Pursuit Boats Completes Rendezvous in Florida Keys j

31th - Marine Industry Pioneers Receive Accolade j
11th - Pursuit Prepares to Launch New 31’ Offshore Model j

24th - Pursuit Announces Owner’s Rendezvous in Florida Keys j

22nd - Pursuit Announces Record Sales at 2007 Miami Boat Show j
Press Releases 2006:
30th - Pursuit Announces Service Excellence Award Winners j
20th - NMMA Recognizes Outstanding Customer Satisfaction With CSI Awards j
19th - Pursuit 23’ Center Console to make Debut at New York Boat Show j

21th - Pursuit Boats and Yarmouth Boat Yard Join Forces in Maine j
9th - Pursuit Boats and Barrier Island Marine Join Forces in Charleston j

17th - Ron Burkdoll Appointed Director of Domestic Sales j
17th - Scot Taylor Joins Pursuit Boats As Regional Sales Manager j

28th - Pursuit Holds Highly Successful Dealer Meeting and VIP Event j
10th - Pursuit Debuts 23’ Denali at Dealer Conference j
10th - Pursuit Introduces Serious Fishing Machine at Dealer Conference j

10th - Mike Burlingham Joins Pursuit Boats As Vice President of Sales j

24th - Pursuit introduces new OS 285 j

25th - Pursuit to sponsor “TEAM PURSUIT” in the 2006 WAL-MART Kingfish tour j
17th - Pursuit automates production lines as part of continuing growth for the future j

8th - Pursuit wins gold at 2006 Addy Awards j

27th - Pursuit wins 2006 INNOVATION AWARD for DRUMMOND SPORTFISH j
Press Releases 2005:
7th - Pursuit Introduces much anticipated " 3480 DRUMMOND SPORTFISH" during Fort Lauderdale boat show j

31th - Pursuit receives 2005 NMMA CSI Award j
21st - Michele VonGerichten Named by Pursuit Boats as Marketing Communications Manager j
7th - Pursuit awards top dealers and provides “ A NEW VISION” at recent dealer conference j

18th - Pursuit Introduces 3480 DRUMMOND RUNNER and brings luxury to rugged denali series j

1st - Pursuit Boats Launches Fall Promotion j

20th - Pursuit Boats recently held its 8th Annual Pursuit Rendezvous and Sportfishing Tournament j

13th - Pursuit Wins Second Place World Record Releases From IGFA j

21st - Bruce Thompson joins Pursuit Boats as Vice President of Manufacturing j

14th - Pursuit Introduces New 2570 Offshore At 2005 Miami International Boat Show j
7th - Pursuit Boats Conducts 11th Annual Session of Pursuit Offshore University j
Press Releases 2004:
6th - Pursuit receives 2004 NNMA CSI Award j

12th - Pursuit Boats Celebrates 20 Years of Production j

17th - Pursuit Introduces Platinum Edition Denali j
17th - Pursuit Introduces New High Performance 3480 Center Console j

1st - Pursuit Boats Completes Seventh Annual Rendezvous Tournament j

12th - Pursuit Debuts New 2670 Center Console During Miami International Boat Show j
Press Releases 2003:
21th - Pursuit Receives 2003 CSI Award j
4th - "The Future is Now" greeted with enthusiasm at Pursuit Dealer Conference j

5th - Pursuit Introduces New 3370 Offshore During Annual Dealer Conference j

5th - New technology, new processes mark debut of new 3100 Offshore model j

21st - Pursuit Boats Celebrates 20 Years of Production j
Marketing Contact:

Please direct all press / media / marketing inquires

To: David Glenn Marketing Manager 772-460-4645

Boat Shows/Dealer Events

September - 2017

September 7th - 10th
Atlantic City In Water Power Boat Show


September 8th - 10th
Tampa Boat Show